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Photo of Joshua Nielsen
Photo of Joshua Nielsen
Photo of Joshua Nielsen

Why Choose Nielsen Legal To Handle Your Family Law Matter?

More often than not, the separation and divorce processes are overwhelming, painful, confusing and stressful for many individuals.

Aside from the expected fears of leaving a household, dividing property and setting up a new life, there are also high levels of anxiety when it comes to children, or special personal belongings, such as pets.

Compassionate Counsel During Your Transition

At Nielsen Legal, we understand what you are going through. Our clients are not just numbers; they are individuals with lives turned upside down.

We take pride in providing compassionate counsel to each and every client we represent. Having a strategy and case plan that fits your particular situation is very important and we strive to not only achieve the best result possible in your individual case but also to help guide you through the process.

Our Goal: Find The Best Solution For Your Situation

Our goal is to find a solution that will solve the problem at hand. At Nielsen Legal, we are creative problem-solvers, negotiators, mediators and trial attorneys. We avoid litigation at all costs in order to prevent unnecessary strain and costs for you and your family, but have the expertise to find the right solution for you.

A Thorough Understanding Of North Carolina Family Laws, Procedures

As experienced lawyers, we also know the laws and procedures — inside and out. The divorce process in North Carolina is complex, often filled with many standardized rules and tests. It is imperative to understand how the rules and law applies to your case and we can show you the best way to utilize both to your strategic advantage.

Let Us Help You

Call 828-564-1321 to schedule an appointment to talk about your family law matter. We often handle contested and uncontested divorce, and assist with child custody matters including adoptions, property division and alimony. We also handle child custody modifications and modifications to alimony or spousal support.