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Photo of Joshua Nielsen
Photo of Joshua Nielsen

Defending Domestic Violence Charges In Waynesville, Asheville And Sylva

Many people improperly assume that an individual can only face charges for domestic violence if the altercation occurred between two spouses or partners.

But this is a misnomer. A domestic violence charge can be filed if an altercation occurred between two individuals in a “personal relationship.”

Personal relationships can include:

  • Two current or former spouses
  • Cohabiting partners
  • Parents or guardians and children
  • Two current household members

Getting The Help Of An Attorney

When it comes to domestic violence, victims are lawfully allowed to file a domestic violence charge against an individual and obtain a restraining order, prohibiting, for instance, visitation of children involved.

At Nielsen Legal, our lawyers have helped individuals all throughout Waynesville, Asheville, Sylva and surrounding areas defend against many types of criminal charges including domestic violence offenses.

In some cases, the situation involved a misunderstanding or the victim flat out lied for personal motives. Whatever the scenario, we know what’s at stake. We will examine the situation, aggressively defend the charges you face and do what we can to mitigate the repercussions you could face as a result of these charges.

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