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Don’t Let Marijuana Charges Ruin Your Future

No matter your beliefs about marijuana or recreational drug use, police still take laws related to controlled substances seriously. The federal government still controls marijuana, and you would be wise not to shrug it off if you have been charged with possession or other misdemeanor offenses related to its use.

At Nielsen Legal, we know how convictions for drug crimes, even possession of marijuana, can affect many areas of your life well into your future. We are ready to assist those in Waynesville and throughout Haywood County, Jackson and Buncombe counties who are facing charges of possession or other misdemeanor offenses.

Big Consequences For Minor Offenses

Even though North Carolina is taking steps to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, this does not mean it is legal to possess or use. You will still face penalties, such as fines, for your first offense. However, you only get one first offense, and subsequent convictions carry more severe penalties, including the potential for jail. Keeping that first conviction off your record is critical, and a skilled attorney can assist you in fighting the charges.

Any drug conviction on your record is permanent and can create a hardship for you in the future, such as disqualifying you from student loans and some government benefits, jeopardizing your job or future opportunities, and minimizing your options for obtaining a mortgage or housing. Along with possession, police may add other charges to build a stronger case, such as possession of drug paraphernalia or other offenses. Let us help you fight to keep your record clean.

Call Us For Aggressive Representation

The outcome of many drug cases often hinges on the actions of law enforcement. Possession charges typically arise from police searches, and we are quick to recognize when your rights have been violated. We will examine the reasons why police stopped you in the first place, the justification for the search and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. The goal of our lawyers is to minimize the charges or have them dismissed altogether.

As the laws regarding marijuana evolve, Nielsen Legal keeps up with the rapid changes. We are committed to defending your freedom and future when you call us at 828-564-1321 or complete our online form. Together we will work to keep the possession charge off your record.