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Charged With Driving While License Revoked In Waynesville? Here’s How We Can Help.

We often get clients who have been charged with Driving While License Revoked, or DWLR. These often are complicated charges and require an experienced and patient lawyer to assist you in navigating this difficult situation.

What Is A DWLR Or Driving While License Revoked In North Carolina?

There are two different types of DWLR: DWLR for general revocation or suspension and DWLR for Implied Consent Offense.

A typical DWLR is generally a result of one of two things:

  1. FTA, or Failure to Appear, when people get traffic infractions and do not pay the ticket or dispose of it properly
  2. Never getting the license restored after a DWI because of such things as failing to get an assessment, not getting an ignition interlock installed and used for one year or violating the judge’s order

A typical DWLR for Impaired Revocation is generally a result of:

  1. Not completing your DWI substance abuse assessment and treatment course
  2. Not paying your civil revocation fee with the clerk of court where you were charged
  3. Not properly getting your license reinstated with the NC DMV after you became eligible to have your driving privileges restored
  4. Driving outside the time allowed on a limited driving privilege

How Do I Fix This And Get My License? Contact Us Today.

At Nielsen Legal, our attorneys assist individuals throughout the Waynesville and Asheville area. We can help you navigate a confusing and complex court system. We can track down the underlying reason you cannot get a license, help you get it restored and possibly even get your DWLR charge dismissed.

Make no mistake — DWLR can result in jail time. It is a misdemeanor and is not just a traffic ticket. Do not take it lightly; you need to take action and fast. We know the system and have handled hundreds of cases like yours.

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