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Photo of Joshua Nielsen
Photo of Joshua Nielsen

Handling Federal Investigations, Grand Jury Proceedings And Trials For Waynesville, Asheville And Surrounding Areas

In North Carolina, financial crimes are classified as nonviolent offenses involving the unlawful taking of money or property for personal use.

Although financial crimes are different than, for instance, murder or drug trafficking, these crimes carry steep penalties.

Authorities classify such offenses as serious and will not hesitate to crack down and implement the harshest penalties allowed under the law.

Criminal Defense Against A Wide Range Of Financial Crimes

If you are under investigation by federal authorities or have been arrested or charged with a white collar offense or financial crime, reach out to our criminal defense attorneys at Nielsen Legal.

We have defended against many types of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges including financial crimes including:

  • Money laundering
  • Forgery and counterfeiting
  • Embezzlement
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Tax evasion
  • Employee larceny

Some of these crimes are very serious and carry with them mandatory prison sentences that can be years in length. If you have been charged with embezzling or stealing over $100,000 it is classified as a Class C felony and has mandatory active prison time. We can help in these stressful situations and know how to both represent you at trial and negotiate favorable pleas that may reduce or eliminate active jail or prison sentences. If you think you may be charged or have not been charged yet, it is very important to contact an attorney right away to discuss your options and what to do if contacted by police or law enforcement.

Federal Court Expertise

Given that many financial crimes fall under federal jurisdiction, it’s important to seek out an attorney with knowledge of federal laws and procedures.

Our founding attorney, Josh Nielsen, has experience investigating these crimes and handling jury trials in both state and federal court all across the state of North Carolina.

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We invite you to reach out to our legal team to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

If you have been contacted by federal authorities, have questions about a grand jury proceeding or need assistance with any matter pertaining to a financial crime, call our office today.