A Track Record Of Successful Results
Photo of Joshua Nielsen
Photo of Joshua Nielsen
Photo of Joshua Nielsen


While we have had success in numerous trials, jury trials and outside of court, we have put a sampling of some of our results over the last few years below. Our criminal consultations are free, we take great pride in our work and our approach to solving difficult problems with creative solutions.

Criminal Results:

State v. J.O. – Madison County, 2021

  • Charge: Sexual battery
  • RESULT: Voluntary Dismissal
  • Client was a college student accused of essentially rape and sexual conduct without consent of his partner. Attorney Nielsen was able to prove to the District Attorney sufficient evidence that the alleged victim had not been truthful that the charges were dismissed.

State v. B.T. – Haywood County, 2020

  • Charge: Trafficking in Cocaine and Methamphetamine
  • RESULT: Voluntary Dismissal
  • Client was living with boyfriend who was selling drugs and had over a pound of cocaine in her vehicle as well as numerous assault type weapons in the home. Attorney Nielsen worked out a deal wherein the State dismissed their charges against the Defendant.

State v. F. G. – Haywood County, 2021

  • Charge: Trafficking in Methamphetamine, Possession with Intent to Sell, Manufacture and Deliver
  • RESULT – pled to Attempted Trafficking, time served.
  • Client was passenger in vehicle and stopped by drug interdiction task force off a tip they had received. Attorney Nielsen filed a motion to suppress evidence based on the unlawful search of the Defendant’s person that exceeded the scope of a pat down/frisk, Defendant was released on time served instead of facing a 90 month sentence.

State v. B. P. – McDowell County, 2020

  • Charge: Statutory Sex Offense – B1 Felony and Statutory Rape
  • RESULT: Indecent Liberties with a child and a split sentence for 7 months.
  • Client had given a full confession to law enforcement but Attorney Nielsen identified significant issues with the investigation and negotiated a plea with the District Attorney’s Office reducing the client’s sentence from 25 years to 7 months.

State v. J. S. – Buncombe County, 2021

  • Charge: 6 Counts of Sexual Activity by Parent or Custodian
  • RESULT: Prior to Jury Trial, Attorney had negotiated a suspended probation sentence.
  • Client served as a prison guard and was accused of 6 counts of having sexual relations with an inmate. Prior to jury trial and violations by client, Attorney Nielsen had negotiated a suspended sentence that required no sex offender registration.

State v. A. W. – Buncombe County, 2018

  • Charge: First Degree Murder, potentially capital
  • RESULT: Negotiated plea to 2nd Degree Murder with presumptive range sentence.
  • Client had stabbed victim over 50 times and admitted guilt to investigators. Through diligent and careful research and negotiations, Attorney Nielsen secured a plea in the presumptive range at less than 17 years with the Defendant having a Level 6 record.

State v. C.D. – Haywood County, 2021

  • Charge: Felony Assault with Deadly Weapon With Intent to Kill
  • RESULT: Voluntary Dismissal.
  • Client had been the victim of domestic violence and shot her husband in what we argued was self-defense, charges were dismissed.

State v. T.P. – Haywood County, 2021

  • Charge: Cyberstalking
  • RESULT: Not Guilty
  • Client had been accused of cyberstalking his daughter.

State v. H.S. – Haywood County, 2021

  • Charge: Statutory Sex Offense with a minor, carrying a 25 year sentence
  • RESULT: Voluntary Dismissal
  • Client had been charged with alleged sexual acts with his minor sister, we were able to get a dismissal in this case.

State v. R.O – Buncombe County, 2019

  • Charge: Felony Secret Peeping
  • RESULT: Dismissal
  • Client was a business owner and had allegedly set up a camera to record employees in the bathroom, case was dismissed.

State v. S.M. – Haywood County, 2018

  • Charge: 4 counts of Statutory Sex Offense (First Degree) and 4 Counts of Statutory Rape
  • RESULT: Not Guilty
  • Jury trial, client had been charged with numerous counts of sex offense and statutory rape after allegations surfaced from two teenage girls.

State v. T.H. – Jackson County, 2021

  • Charge: DWI (Driving While Impaired)
  • RESULT: Not Guilty
  • Client had been operating vehicle on Cherokee Tribal land trying to find the casino when he was stopped by Cherokee Tribal law enforcement. The Officer committed several errors and the blood draw result was suppressed and the Defendant was found not guilty of appreciable impairment.

Federal Court:

United States of America v. J.W. – 2021

  • Charge: sex offense on Indian land, possible sentence of 25 years,
  • RESULT: Plea to Assault.
  • Client had effectively given a confession to law enforcement and already started to plead guilty before changing counsel. Attorney Nielsen and co-counsel took case to jury trial and jury hung 8-4, negotiated a plea to assault.