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Guidance For Fathers Concerned About Custody And Visitation

Often we consult with fathers who feel like they do not have the same rights as the mother of their child or children. Many fathers believe that they have to pay child support, and if the mother of the child or children does not want to let them see the children then they have to abide by her wishes.

Fathers have the same rights as mothers when it comes to custody. Both the Supreme Court of the United States and our North Carolina Supreme Court have recognized that under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution each parent has equal rights, even when it comes to custody. In fact, most family therapists agree that children need both parents to help provide a balanced and well-adjusted life.

Experienced Fathers’ Rights Attorney To Help You

The father does not need to be married to the mother to have certain rights such as custody, visitation or even sole custody. Regardless of whether you are separating from your partner, getting a divorce or never had a long-term relationship, we can help secure your rights for custody or visitation with your child.

A father’s rights can be established by one of two different ways: Separation agreements or parenting agreements, or through a court-mandate, will establish the paternal right to visitation or custody. We always try to resolve things through parenting agreements first for several reasons:

  • More control and input into the visitation and custody schedule and arrangement
  • Keeps judges and courts from making arbitrary decisions
  • More cost-effective and saves resources that would be used in litigation
  • Typically keeps parties on more friendly terms than if the case went to court

For these reasons our first and primary goal is to create a parenting agreement that works for you and the other party. At the end of the day, it is your child or children whom we are trying to protect, as well as your rights, and usually the best way to achieve both goals is through a parenting agreement.

If the situation and circumstances require it, we are always prepared and ready to litigate the case in court if the other party is not cooperative in providing what we believe is a fair custody or parenting agreement. When the obstacles and barriers require strong and fierce representation we are there for you and your family.

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