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Photo of Joshua Nielsen
Photo of Joshua Nielsen

Aggressive Defense Against Drug Trafficking Charges

To face drug trafficking charges, you do not necessarily have to be moving massive amounts of drugs across state lines or over U.S. borders. As with any drug charge, it is often a matter of ounces. The amount and type of substance North Carolina drug police or federal agents allegedly find on your property makes the difference between a possession charge and trafficking.

The attorneys at Nielsen Legal understand how concerned you may be if you are facing charges of drug trafficking. Seeking legal assistance as quickly as possible is critical for protecting your rights and constructing a solid defense against these serious charges. Our lawyers have the skills and experience to negotiate for a deal that is to your benefit or to aggressively represent you at trial.

Meticulous Examination Of The Evidence

If you are charged with drug trafficking, it is possible drug enforcement officers have been investigating you for weeks, perhaps months. This means they have accumulated substantial evidence against you. It will be the goal of our attorneys to challenge that evidence and to examine the manner in which police collected it to determine if they violated your rights in any way. If police overstepped their bounds, some evidence may be inadmissible in court.

Even if investigators have no proof that you intended to distribute the drugs, you still face serious charges with harsh penalties if convicted. You may be charged at the state or federal level, and the prosecutor will likely add other offenses to strengthen the case against you. Law enforcement may attempt to persuade you to help them arrest other drug dealers by offering a deal for lesser charges. We can help you decide if such a deal is in your best interests.

Sentences for drug trafficking range from two years mandatory minimum to more than 20 years in prison, depending on the type of drug and the amount police claim you possessed. You may also face thousands in fines and a lifetime of negative consequences with a drug trafficking conviction on your record.

You Don’t Have To Face This Alone

Nielsen Legal has successfully represented many in Waynesville and throughout Haywood County, Jackson and Buncombe counties who face drug trafficking and other charges. We fight to protect your rights and bring about the most positive resolution possible for your circumstances. Complete the form on this website or call us today at 828-564-1321 so we can begin to build a strong strategy for your defense.