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Your Lawyer When Facing A Larceny Or Embezzlement Investigation

Any job demands a level of trust. You often put your hands in the till, have access to the accounts or are left alone with the merchandise or equipment. An unspoken element of your job is to protect those things for your employer. However, if your employer accuses you of larceny or embezzlement, the issue of trust may become very important.

The attorneys at Nielsen Legal know the seriousness of these charges and the severity of the penalties for a conviction. If you are under investigation or already facing charges for either of these crimes, having experienced legal representation at the earliest possible moment is essential. We are proud to defend our neighbors in Waynesville and throughout Haywood County, Jackson and Buncombe counties who are facing criminal charges.

Individualized Defense Strategy

The defense we will build for you depends on the details of the situation and the elements of the alleged offense. To begin with, it is important to have an understanding of the charges you face.

  • Larceny by employee is a felony, whether it involves a priceless bracelet or a $50 watch. If convicted, depending on the circumstances, you may spend years in jail and pay hundreds in fines, restitution and punitive damages. Perhaps more importantly, you will face a lifetime of roadblocks with a felony conviction on your record.
  • Embezzlement occurs when an employee who is entrusted with company funds or goods willfully diverts those assets for his or her own use. The amount of money in question will determine whether the charge is a Class H felony, which may result in alternative sentencing, or a Class C felony, which includes the potential for years in prison if convicted.

Anyone may face charges of larceny or embezzlement, whether you are a retail employee, a North Carolina elected official or the CEO of a corporation. The elements of the offense are complex, and your accuser must prove all of them to make the charges stick. It is possible your employer has had you under investigation for a considerable time, so you will not want to waste a moment before building your defense strategy.

Find Out How We Can Serve You

Our skilled and dedicated lawyers at Nielsen Legal are ready to explore your options for defending against these charges. Before you discuss your case with co-workers or investigators, call 828-564-1321 or use our confidential online information form. We will schedule a consultation as quickly as possible and determine the best course of action.