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Nielsen Legal is a full-service law firm that handles a wide range of legal matters for individuals and families located in Asheville, Waynesville and throughout the area.

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We Offer Strategic And Practical Approaches To Family Law

We strive at having a compassionate and strategic approach in all family law cases. We focus on child custody, modification of custody, alimony, equitable distribution, separation agreements and divorce. Creating a tailored approach to your case is our objective and we will work with you closely to reach the best possible outcome in your case.

We Seek Maximum Compensation For Our Injured Clients

Medical bills, lost wages and other expenses add up quickly after a car accident or other type of personal injury. We provide strong advocacy for our injured clients, seeking the compensation that they and their families need. Talk to us if you or a loved one has been injured.

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We Have A Strong Focus On Criminal Defense

We can defend your rights and present the strongest legal defense possible for your case. Understanding that each case is different and requires its own creative strategy is essential to a solid, successful defense, and that is what you will receive from our firm. We handle DUI, drug crimes, sex offenses, traffic violations and more.

“Let me tell you, I called 4 law firms in Waynesville and never heard back. When we called Josh we got him the first try. He won our case and our charges were dismissed. He always was courteous and he always called back if we left a message. I would highly recommend this lawyer!”

-Shannon K.

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