Here’s Why You Need A Lawyer To Handle Your DUI In Asheville, North Carolina

Defending Asheville and surrounding areas against all drunk driving offenses

North Carolina, like almost all states, takes Driving While Impaired (DWI) very seriously. Prosecutors go after those charged with DWI and will not hesitate to inflict upon them with the most stringent penalties.

It is very, very seldom that those charged with driving under the influence will get a "reduction."

That is why you need an experienced and proven lawyer to be on your side to protect your rights, particularly one who knows the laws and situations when police do not follow proper procedures.

Why Choose Nielsen Legal?

At Nielsen Legal, we are committed to aggressively defend your rights. We understand what you are going through and what's at stake.

Our founding attorney, Joshua Nielsen, has been trying cases throughout five counties for many years. He has built a strong reputation and relationship with both prosecutors and judges.

Josh is NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) certified, the same certification and training that law enforcement typically undergoes, which provides a substantial edge when evaluating how the police handled your case.

Additionally, Josh has focused for years on defending DWI in Asheville and surrounding areas and has taken numerous cases through trial in multiple counties.

Our Process

For every case, Josh will:

  • Explain the complex process involved
  • Review evidence and evaluate the strengths and weakness of your case
  • Get you a pretrial driving privilege if you are eligible
  • Get you a post-trial driving privilege
  • Locate resources such as ADETS and assessments

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