Handling Assault And Battery Defense For Asheville And Surrounding Areas

Understanding Assault In North Carolina

Assault in North Carolina is typically classified as an imminent threat of harm or contact to another person. Physical touching is not required.

An individual could face simple assault, which involves simple threats, or felony assault, which typically involves a deadly weapon.

Depending on the situation, probation or jail time is possible depending on the offense.

Understanding Battery In North Carolina

Unlike assault, a battery charge typically involves physical contact. It is the "unlawful act of physically harming or offensively touching a person."

For battery, jail time is likely and like assault the length will depend on the offense.

Defense Against Domestic Violence Offenses

In certain instances, assault and battery offenses could be classified as domestic violence if the incident involved individuals with a "personal relationship," such as spouses, partners, parents and children or individuals who reside together under the same household.

Attorneys To Defend Against Your Assault And Battery Charges

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