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Asheville resident dies after being struck by fire truck

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | car accidents

North Carolina pedestrians are often at a higher risk for death when they are involved in motor vehicle accidents. The chance of death is usually extreme when the vehicle involved is a large truck or emergency vehicle, as it was during one accident recently in Asheville that left one woman dead. 

Cause of accident unclear

The Asheville Citizen Times reports that a fire truck struck the female victim when she stepped out into traffic for unknown reasons. A witness claims the female, who was on foot and walking with traffic, seemed to accidentally leave the side of the road and walk into the path of the fire truck. The truck was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting the woman, who sustained serious injuries at the scene. 

Victim died soon after 

After being struck by the fire truck, emergency services transported her to a nearby hospital, where she died of her injuries the following day. The Asheville Fire Department reports that it will follow up with an investigation as to why this accident occurred and that both the department and the truck driver have agreed to cooperate fully with any law enforcement investigation. It is unknown whether the victim’s family will seek legal guidance in relation to the accident. 

Woman featured in viral video

Authorities are unsure whether this incident connects with the woman’s online presence, where she became well known in several viral videos. The content featured her making threats and shouting obscenities related to the recent racial protests taking place across the country. 

This incident highlights the fact that pedestrian accidents in North Carolina can occur without warning. While the investigation is ongoing, it may also serve as a reminder to others in the area who travel on foot to remain cautious while walking.