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What are some warning signs of spinal cord injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | personal injury

After suffering from a fall or sudden impact, a person may begin to notice that their body does not feel the same as it did before.

Noticing the early signs of spinal cord injuries is important to prevent further pain and complications. Whether someone has issues with their lungs or legs, a hurt spine can influence their mental and physical health.

Bowel and bladder problems

According to the Mayo Clinic, a person’s legs and lower half of their body can suffer greatly after a spinal cord accident. This can also lead to a weaker bladder, which can affect how much someone can control when they urinate.

A person may struggle with kidney infections and bladder stones in the time after the initial fall or injury. Bowel problems could make it harder to tell when they need to use the bathroom or defecate as well.

Poor body temperature control

Constantly feeling cold or hot could be a subtle clue that a spinal cord injury is causing worse circulation control. This kind of bad circulation could even lead to blood clots developing at some point later on.

Instances of low blood pressure can make a person’s head feel light and could even cause them to faint.

Trouble with balancing

If a person cannot stand for long without tripping or stumbling off balance, the source of the problem could be their spinal cord. Normal everyday activities like walking are harder to do when a person experiences numbness and confusion from an injury.

Taking careful notice of these changes and more is important when thinking about what steps to take after a spinal cord injury.