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Which factors improve the chances of recovery for TBI victims?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | personal injury

If you sustain a traumatic brain injury, you might deal with the repercussions for the remainder of your life. Making a full recovery will depend largely on the severity of your injury and the accessibility of treatment.

Knowing some of the ways you can improve your chances of an optimal recovery may help you identify your next steps. With adequate support, you can still live a good life despite your injury.

Rehabilitation and physical activity

TBIs vary in severity depending on the location of the injury, the duration of time that passes before receiving emergency medical treatment, age and the presence of existing health conditions. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the year 2020, a staggering 176 Americans died from TBIs. The moments immediately following your head injury are some of the most critical in your entire recovery.

There are many types of rehabilitation you might need after a TBI. These include speech therapy, physical therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and occupational therapy. Working with your health care team, you can develop a customized treatment plan that optimizes your chances of recovery. Staying as physically active as your injury allows may also improve your recovery effort.

Mental health and positivity

The emotional repercussions of a TBI can take a toll on your mental health. Changes to your independence might cause uncertainty and trigger anxiety and depression. Reach out to people who care about you and form a support system. Do your best to remain upbeat and positive. You might consider setting some recovery goals and involving others in helping you reach them. This may help you stay more optimistic and maintain the motivation you need to work through the challenges of a TBI.

A TBI does not have to be the reason your life turns sedentary and uninteresting. Your resolve to push through your recovery with a realistic and hopeful perspective may be the key to your success.