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Are you eligible for drug court in Buncombe County?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Drug Charges

A North Carolina drug charge has the potential to lead to steep fines and jail or prison time, among other repercussions, and such charges often result from a substance dependency. If you are facing a drug-related criminal charge for an offense you feel you would not have committed, had it not been for your dependency, you may want to look into whether drug court might be an option for you.

Per Buncombe County, you may be eligible for drug court in Buncombe County if you receive a referral and meet certain qualifications.

Qualifying for drug court in Buncombe County

To be eligible for Buncombe County’s adult drug court, you must be at least 18 and a county resident. You also must face a substance-related charge in Buncombe County Superior Court. Furthermore, you have to acknowledge that you have a substance dependency, express a willingness to overcome it and agree to comply with all program rules and requirements. You also have to complete an intake form and receive approval from the court’s operation team before entering the program.

Participating in drug court in Buncombe County

Should you gain entry into drug court, you should anticipate having to make twice-monthly appearances before the court administrators. You should also count on submitting to drug tests, participating in counseling sessions and otherwise staying on top of all program compliance requirements.

If you enter and complete drug court, it typically has a positive effect on the charge you face. For example, in some cases, completing drug court successfully may lead to the court dismissing your drug charge.