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3 ways to set a good example behind the wheel for your teenager

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2022 | car accidents

Your teens may pick up a variety of driving habits from a number of places, including driving classes, their friends and even from television and movies they see, but did you know that the majority of their driving practices come from you, their parent? According to GEICO, teenagers spend most of their time in cars with parents and caregivers, which forms their habits when they begin to drive as well.

While you may have concerns about your teenagers’ behavior when they do get behind the wheel, you can set a good example and reduce the risk of a serious accident by practicing a few positive driving behaviors.

1. Use a text or call blocking app

One of the main causes of car wrecks among teenage drivers is texting or talking on the phone while driving. Even hands-free calls can result in serious distracted driving, so using a text and call-blocking app that lets people know you are not available because you are behind the wheel can show your teen that driving is a responsibility he or she needs to take seriously.

2. Keep your cool

Losing your temper behind the wheel may lead your young driver that road rage is acceptable. While it is frustrating when other drivers cut you off or take your turn at a four-way stop, keeping your temper sets a good example when compared to shouting or using rude hand gestures at other drivers.

3. Follow the rules of the road

Obeying road signs, construction workers and the general rules of the road can teach your teen respect while behind the wheel. Use time spent in the car together to discuss these rules and why they exist.

You can also talk to your teenage driver about the dangers of speeding and drinking and driving as he or she works toward obtaining a driver’s license.