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How can TBIs affect cognition?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | personal injury

When you experience a TBI, you may face difficulties with cognition. According to the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, cognition is your ability to know and think. This may include your ability to concentrate, remember things, plan events, organize or communicate your thoughts.

Following a TBI, there are various ways the injury may affect you.

How TBIs affect communication

Many people struggle with communication following a TBI. You may find it hard to think of the right word or stay on topic during a conversation. You may misinterpret what others say or misunderstand sarcasm to make matters worse. Try to train yourself to communicate again by talking in small groups at first. Let people know that you need them to speak slower if you have trouble understanding what they said.

How TBIs affect memory

After suffering a TBI, you may find it challenging to learn new information or remember current events or conversations. Sometimes, your brain may try to fill in the gaps in your memory with false details. If you struggle with your memory, try to keep a stable routine. Stay organized and keep all the items you regularly use in the same place.

Do not be afraid to use memory aids. For instance, keep track of all your essential information using notebooks or calendars. If you need to learn new information or a new skill, dedicate more time to practice and memorization. Do not let yourself become distracted.

When it comes to improving cognition, take care of yourself. Learn to relax through deep breathing or meditation to handle stress and anxiety better.