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What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | personal injury

While enjoying your time out on the open road, you may notice how different riding a motorcycle is than driving a car or truck.

These kinds of differences can help you understand why crashes happen and how other vehicles can be a threat to you.

Failure to notice motorcycles

According to the United States Department of Transportation, people in larger vehicles can often not see or notice motorcycles on the road near them. Since these drivers sit higher up, especially truck drivers, then they could simply not think to check for motorcycles to their right or left before turning.

This kind of negligent driving can lead to serious injuries, like brain trauma and spinal cord pain. People may even open their car doors into a lane and accidentally knock motorcyclists off their vehicles as they try to drive by.

Intense speeding

While many motorcycles can travel quickly, cars and larger vehicles have more wheels and the ability to go faster. A driver that breaks the speed limit can easily catch up to a motorcycle and try to intimidate whoever is riding it.

Cars have more outer protection, like doors and windows, to block the driver inside from a potential crash. People on motorcycles are more at risk for serious physical damage.

Substance usage

You may notice someone under the influence while driving, whether that substance is drugs or alcohol. This person may swerve wildly into your lane and attempt to irritate or harm you because you are a smaller vehicle on the road.

An overly aggressive driver may tailgate you or even brake-check you by stopping short while driving in front of you. Knowing more about how motorcycle accidents happen can help you while you ride.