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What is the impact of distractions while driving?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | car accidents

Whether someone is talking to another person or using a handheld device, this distracted person can cause a crash in an instant.

Driving requires your full attention. Knowing how these distractions can affect other drivers around you is important for you to stay safe on the road.

Eyes off the road

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even a few seconds of glancing down or looking away from the road can shorten your reaction time. Drivers can miss many cues from other people, such as turn signals and brake lights.

When a car does not stop in time for a stop sign or another vehicle braking, then multiple people can easily become injured.

Hands in use

Eating food or attempting to text while steering can split your attention. If someone frequently travels on highways or busy roads, larger cars or trucks often surround him or her. When this person’s hands are away from the wheel, he or she cannot react quickly enough to avoid hitting a vehicle if someone needs to make a sudden stop.

This kind of distraction is dangerous anywhere, but especially on highways since the higher speed limit means there is even less time to react.


Thinking about replying to a message or any variety of issues can leave drivers at risk for sideswiping or crashing into another person on the road. Even hands-free devices can lead to accidents because the person behind the wheel was focusing on talking more than driving.

Learning about the dangerous driving habits of others can make you more aware of what warning signs you should look for while traveling.