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Road rage and its ramifications

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | personal injury

The road is a complicated system. Drivers with different destinations and intentions have to work around each other, sometimes for a prolonged amount of time. When people begin to look at other drivers as a hindrance, tempers can flare.

It is one thing to become angry while driving, but it is another thing to let the anger emanate through aggressive behavior. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reported that about 1,800 injuries and 30 deaths occur each year due to road rage. To mitigate these situations, it helps to look out for the causes.

Aggressive driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, aggressive driving is when a driver endangers people and property through traffic violations. Aggressive driving can come from simple negligence or a misunderstanding, but road rage is often a factor. Frequent lane changes, tailgating, switching speeds and passing cars on the shoulder can all come out of anger or frustration.

Aggressive communication

Even if a driver follows the rules of the road, he or she can still provoke an issue when road rage kicks in. Excessive honking, gestures and shouting out the window can lead to a violent skirmish. Even minor issues such as parking disagreements can cause an altercation.

Many drivers act aggressively to make a point to other drivers, but this behavior can lead to serious injury or death. Drivers should look at things objectively and maintain a level approach. No matter who was at fault, there is no point in letting a problem escalate.