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Do aggressive drivers pose a roadway threat?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | car accidents

Road rage – the feeling of anger or irritation that many drivers experience when on the road – serves as a common unifier among many drivers. In fact, a study by AAA reported that up to 80 percent of drivers admitted to experiencing road rage at some point.

Unfortunately, some drivers take road rage too far and it leads to aggressive driving behaviors which can, in turn, increase the chances of crashes. Thus, it is important to note red flags of road rage when they appear and act accordingly.

Signs of aggressive driving

AAA Newsroom discusses the role aggressive drivers play in crashes, and how aggressive driving behaviors often tie to road rage. Signs of aggressive driving behaviors are often easy to spot and may include things like tailgating, racing or speeding, cutting off or blocking other drivers intentionally, or a failure to adhere to road signs and traffic signals.

In addition, many aggressive drivers will honk, make rude gestures or scream expletives and other unpleasant things at the target of their ire. In certain cases, drivers with terrible road rage or anger management problems, in general, may actually get out of their cars to confront other motorists. This can include displays of physical aggression and violence, such as kicking another vehicle or bodily threatening the other driver.

Avoiding aggressive drivers

When running into these signs, avoid eye contact and engaging with the driver wherever possible. Do not exchange words or react to their aggressive displays. Call law enforcement if possible and alert them to the current situation, as they will have the tools they need to safely and efficiently handle the matter.