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How can a spinal cord injury affect your daily life?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | personal injury

A blow to your spinal cord can cause life-changing complications. Whether it is from a car accident or a falling object, many people struggle to regain the same strength they had before.

Knowing how this injury affects you in everyday life can help you notice these signs, both in small and large ways.

Free movement

According to the Mayo Clinic, one common problem people have after an accident is safely lifting boxes or bags. You may notice weakness in your arms and legs, as well as your pelvic organs and hands. Your spine may also ache continuously, even when you are sitting down.

This pain prevents people from participating fully in activities they used to love. Simple daily tasks like driving or playing sports can seem overwhelming for you. Not only does this pain lead to less activity, but it can also eventually lead to muscle atrophy in extreme cases.

Bladder control

After a spinal cord injury, your body’s functions change. Being unable to fully control your bladder or bowels is one way this injury affects your daily life. You may not notice your bladder is full, which can also lead to more urinary tract infections if this problem persists over time.

Touch and sensations

Many injured people cannot tell hot from cold by touch after enduring spinal cord trauma. The way you feel and notice heat or warmth can change drastically and potentially cause sores or burns. This change in skin sensation can leave you confused and struggling to adapt.

Spinal cord injuries and their effects on your body can make you rethink your entire way of life.