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Do you know how the driver’s license point system works?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | car accidents

Life in the Asheville area is much easier if you have a driver’s license. Still, your driving privileges are not a guarantee. If you commit certain driving infractions, you may face a driver’s license suspension. To keep track of your driving infractions, North Carolina uses a point system. 

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles assesses points for driving infractions. Generally, if you accumulate 12 or more points in a three-year period, officials suspend your driver’s license. There are a couple exceptions to this rule, however. 

Some infractions trigger an automatic driver’s license suspension

Many traffic infractions result in the assessment of just one, two or three points. For example, throwing trash from your vehicle is apt to add one point to your driving record. By contrast, most speeding infractions are worth three points. 

Some infractions, though, trigger an automatic driver’s license suspension. Among other traffic violations, driving while impaired, fleeing arrest and vehicular homicide fall into this category. Driving with a revoked license also usually results in an additional suspension or revocation. 

Other events may also cause an immediate driver’s license suspension

While many speeding citations result in a three-point assessment, excessive speeding may lead to an immediate driver’s license suspension. Furthermore, if you accumulate eight or more points in the three-year period after receiving a license reinstatement, you may lose your driving privileges again. 

Because a driver’s license suspension may range from 60 days to a full year, you should keep track of the points you accrue. Nevertheless, if you are facing an immediate license suspension, you may need to defend yourself aggressively to retain your driving privileges.