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Standoff and stabbing in Asheville raises questions

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | assault and battery

Crimes of passion can get the better of anyone—hence the name. If someone gets heated, they may act irrationally. This does not excuse the results, especially when lethal intent combines with deadly force. 

A standoff in Asheville shows how a situation can devolve after an inciting incident, as well as what questions go unanswered in the fallout. 

An early morning barricade 

According to WHNS Fox Carolina, authorities cleared surrounding apartments after responding to a stabbing. A man and woman surrendered to the police after five hours of negotiation with the Asheville crisis teams. Authorities took the man into custody on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and intent to kill or inflict serious injury while the woman received charges of “resist, delay, obstruct”. 

The victim, another woman responders determined was an acquaintance of the man, is in critical condition after emergency services transported her to Mission Hospital. 

It is unknown what led up to the incident or whether the victim’s condition has since improved. 

A list of unknowns 

In situations like this, assault and battery charges can seem pretty clear. But after such a traumatic situation, there are more pieces to pick up. What happened beforehand? What led up to the incident? It is key to work through all details at hand to ensure justice and make sure a defendant’s sentence is fair. Battery, like assault, may result in jail time depending on the offense. 

Understanding the incident and the fallout can ensure the resulting trial treats all parties with fairness. Anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation might find it helpful to contact an attorney.