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Drunk driving charges and financial problems

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | criminal defense

Those stopped for driving under the influence face serious penalties, whether their ability to retain their driving privileges is in jeopardy or they face time behind bars. However, other major problems arise for many people in this position, especially from a financial standpoint. At Nielsen Legal, we understand that many people in North Carolina face financial hardships as a result of drunk driving cases. Moreover, some have existing financial problems prior to an arrest and the case makes their circumstances far worse. 

There are multiple reasons why drunk driving charges generate financial concerns. For example, these cases often bring high penalties that are very difficult to pay for many people. Moreover, the consequences of a drunk driving case often cost people their jobs, which leads to significant hardships in this regard. Others have to pay for a taxi because they are not able to drive themselves, or they incur other costs related to losing their driving privileges. For those who are already in a difficult financial position, a DUI case is likely very upsetting and makes daily life even harder. 

As a result, those facing DUI charges not only need to focus on their future in terms of their reputation and ability to drive but also on their finances. Handling a DUI case properly is pivotal and our law office knows that the way in which someone approaches their case often has an impact on how it plays out in court. Visit our page on drunk driving to read more information about handling DUI charges and some other related topics.