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Fayetteville crash kills one, injures three

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2019 | car accidents

It goes without saying that drivers in Asheville need to remain alert and attentive at all times. This will help them in seeing and avoiding obstacles in the road ahead. Yet the responsibility to ensure that obstacles in the roadway do not cause accidents does not lie solely with drivers; those working on the side of the road or who find themselves stranded must also ensure that people driving past understand that they are stopped and exactly how wide of a berth they need to give them. It can often be difficult for an approaching driver to realize that another vehicle ahead of them is not moving until it is too late.

This fact was evidenced in a recent crash that occurred in Fayetteville. A group of people was traveling along a local road when they crashed into a tractor-trailer that was stopped at a construction site. The truck was not visiting the site; rather, it is believed that it had gotten stuck in the asphalt off the roadway. However, its driver failed to pull the trailer completely off the road, nor did he place any markers around the trailer to indicate that it was stopped. Sadly, one of the adults traveling in the SUV was killed in the collision, while the driver and two children were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The truck driver in this particular case is facing criminal charges due to his negligence. Some might believe that in a car accident case involving criminal charges, any civil action must be delayed until the criminal proceedings have concluded. Yet that is not the case. Accident victims needing compensation in the wake of a crash may want to start working with an attorney right away to get their cases started.