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Does my state have the worst drivers?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | car accidents, Traffic Violations

Car accidents happen all the time in North Carolina, but that does not mean that this state has drivers who worse than other states. There is a lot of information about accidents, including what causes them and who is most likely to get into them. There are also statistics about where the worst drivers seem to live. So, you may wonder how your area stacks up.

Forbes has a list of the top cities for the worst drivers and the best drivers. You will be happy to learn that North Carolina has zero cities on the worst driver list. Some other states are not as lucky. Massachusetts has three cities on the top 15 list. California has six cities on that list. At least you know where not to drive.

When it comes to the best drivers, North Carolina does make this list. Coming in at number 12 is Cary, North Carolina. This city sees an accident about once every 12 years. So, if you want to be around drivers who know how not to crash into each other, then maybe you should head to Cary.

Also on that best driver list is three cities in Texas, which is the state with the most on the top 15 list. Florida and Kansas also have multiple cities on the good driver list.

While this list is not inclusive, it is good to know that at least your city does not make the top of the list of bad drivers. That can put your mind at ease a little. However, it certainly does not mean that an accident could not happen at any time. So, keep driving smartly, following road laws and being alert so you can keep your city off the worst driver list. This information is for education and is not legal advice.