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Can good housekeeping help prevent falls?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | personal injury

Falls happen a lot, and for many reasons. Floors can be wet, greasy, uneven, damaged, and this does not take into account loose material items and equipment that can litter a floor and cause someone to take a nasty spill. Falls are such menaces that according to the Grainger website, fall injuries make up a quarter of all reported annual injury claims and about 65% of total work days lost. One way you can minimize fall risks on your North Carolina property is to pursue a regular housekeeping regimen.

Basically, good housekeeping is regular and habitual. It is not a special activity that occurs on a sporadic basis. You imagine how your workplace or property should be kept up. You work out a plan to make sure the workplace conforms to your expectations. You then come up with activities to maintain your property and work those activities into the regular work routine of your company.

Working these activities into the life of your company or business can take different forms. If you have employees and maintain a workplace, your workers should be aware of basic housekeeping practices as part of personal workplace responsibility. This includes picking up and storing supplies and tools when not in use. It is also important to let workers know how their workstations should look and how they should be maintained.

However, some housekeeping tasks require employees that are dedicated to those tasks.  Generally, workplaces have a janitor or janitorial staff that takes care of basic needs like removing dirt from the floors and walls. Sometimes a gardener is needed to maintain plants alongside walkways to and from a work building. Other forms of cleanup may need some special workers to handle the job, like removing heavy debris or chemicals from a location.

Even if housekeeping tasks take a little extra expense, it is worth it to prevent injuries on your property that could result in litigation and damages for medical bills. Personal injuries can occur in many different ways, so do not consider this article as legal advice. Read it only for your educational benefit.