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Here’s what college students say about their drinking habits

by | Jun 29, 2018 | criminal defense, DWI/DUI

You’d be hard-pressed to find a North Carolina college campus where zero percent of the student-body drinks alcohol. Even dry campuses report issues that are alcohol or drug-related. In order to better understand alcohol statistics in colleges throughout the nation, it helps to analyze why students drink in the first place. Your reasons for consuming alcohol on or off-campus may not be the same as your roommate’s; however, many students agree that certain factors significantly impact their choices.

If you’re age 21 or beyond, you may legally drink alcohol, provided you are adhering to your own campus’s rules. However, many students choose to completely abstain from alcohol while in college, simply because college life is stressful enough as it is, without tossing additional risks and problems into the mix. Nobody is perfect, so if you make a poor decision or somehow wind up facing legal problems that are alcohol-related, you can tap into local support resources to try to mitigate your circumstances.

Issues college students cite as top reasons for alcohol consumption

“All work and no play” is usually not conducive to a healthy lifestyle for anyone, especially college students. It’s only natural you’ll want to spend some of your free time in a social atmosphere while at school. You may relate to one or more of the following reasons many college students give to explain their attraction to alcohol:

  • You might be shy and uneasy in a crowd. Having a drink or two might help you break the ice.
  • Many college students say that the effects of alcohol help them feel more sexually attractive and make others more attractive to them.
  • Some people drink because it’s merely a common bond — a shared activity that helps them connect with their peers.
  • Perhaps you’re one of many who say alcohol adds an element of fun to otherwise boring situations.
  • It’s not uncommon for college students to experience high levels of stress and then suffer ill health because of it.

Depression is problematic on many North Carolina campuses as well as most others in the nation. If you’re currently battling addiction, depression or any alcohol or drug-related problem, know that you’re not alone in your struggle and there is support available.

Getting life back on track takes time

Re-setting the sails in light of personal or legal problems having to do with alcohol typically doesn’t occur overnight. You can hope for the best, however, in knowing that you can easily access programs and support networks to help you overcome all obstacles that have gotten in the way of your future goals.