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What are some signs of fatigued driving?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | blog, car accidents

Driving requires you to be alert. If you cannot tell what is going on around you, you could crash into another vehicle or a stationary obstacle that devastates your car. Not getting enough sleep could result in this outcome.

People can occupy themselves with many tasks that tire them out before they get behind the wheel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes some indications that you are too tired to drive.

Physical and mental signs

Sometimes warning signs of fatigue are subtle. You could yawn or blink your eyes as you drive. Doing these actions frequently may show that you are too tired to continue your road travel.

Drowsiness can also interfere with your short-term memory. You may not recall the last few miles of your journey. A prolonged drive on a road with continuous surroundings such as a forest could create feelings of monotony that intensify your fatigue.

Driving problems

Given that drowsiness slows your concentration, you may make some driving mistakes. Some people start to drift out of a lane after a while. Since some roads with rumble strips on the shoulder, you might drift into one which creates a sound that alerts you to your situation.

A lack of concentration can also mess up your route. You might have intended to get off at a certain exit but had missed it some time ago. This could cause you to get lost and worsen your predicament.

Since a fatigued person can enter sleep at any time, it is important to develop proper sleeping habits so you drive while alert. If you drive safely, any other driver who hits you should have no grounds to claim you have responsibility for the crash.