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What is a personal recognizance bond?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | criminal defense

If you find yourself under arrest, you will go before a judge shortly after. This first appearance in court will allow the judge to determine bond.

Bond allows you to get out of custody while your charges are pending. There are a variety of options available to the court, including not granting bond at all. But one potential result is the judge granting you a personal recognizance bond.


According to Findlaw, a personal recognizance release means the judge is taking your word that you will return to court and follow any other restrictions he or she places on you.


This type of bond differs greatly from all other types because you will not have to pay any money or put any property in jeopardy to get out of jail. You solidify your release with a promise to the court.


Personal recognizance bonds occur all the time. Judges typically reserve them for lower-level cases. They will usually consider whether you are a flight risk by looking at your ties to the community and your past criminal background. Generally, if you have no prior criminal history and strong connections within the community, such as a job and family, you are a good candidate for a personal recognizance bond as long as the charges are not too severe.

Keep in mind that the choice to extend this type of bond is completely up to the judge. The prosecutor may make a recommendation, or your attorney may make a request. In the end, it is the judge who makes the decision.