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Tragic accident kills two in Johnston County

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | car accidents

Car accidents can have substantial effects on victims and their families. Property damage, insurance trouble and physical injuries can take their toll and cause ongoing problems.

Perhaps the most tragic outcome of a car accident is when victims suffer life-altering or fatal injuries. An investigation may provide insight into the circumstances leading up to a collision to bring closure to the victims’ families.

Mother and child deceased

For one North Carolina family, a recent car accident resulted in the deaths of two of their loved ones. The collision happened in Johnston County during daylight hours. Reports suggested that a dump truck collided with a sedan.

The impact killed the woman driving the sedan. First responders transported her infant to a local hospital. Unfortunately, the baby succumbed to injuries sustained in the crash shortly after arriving at the hospital. The dump truck driver also sustained injuries that required medical treatment.

Investigation underway

An investigation into the accident has not yet revealed how the collision happened. Oftentimes, an accident investigation involves the assistance of reconstruction experts. They will reconstruct elements of the scene and assess witness reports to conclude how the accident occurred. The information they find may help authorities in determining consequences for at-fault drivers if negligence was to blame.

Depending on the conditions of a car accident, an investigation could take a few days to a few weeks to complete. For families seeking closure for their loved ones, an investigation may provide them with the information they need to understand what happened during the final moments of their loved ones’ lives.