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Should I visit a doctor after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | personal injury

Car accidents happen when you least expect them. They often occur because of another person’s careless actions, which can be extremely aggravating for responsible drivers. After a minor accident, you might wonder whether you need to seek a doctor’s assistance.

Perhaps you are just a little sore and do not believe your injuries warrant medical intervention. Or maybe you feel fine after the accident and believe that you have not actually experienced any injuries. Keep in mind that many injuries common during car accidents, including whiplash, will not cause symptoms until days or even weeks after the event. Visiting a doctor immediately after a car accident will help you rule out injuries like whiplash, as well as offer the following benefits:

Improved prognosis

Immediate medical intervention can prevent more serious effects from occurring. If a person suffers from minor back pain after a car wreck, a doctor can diagnose the damage and recommend a suitable treatment. When treatment is delayed, pain is likely to worsen over time. A nagging back issue can affect a person’s ability to work while also greatly degrading quality of life. It can also result in a need for surgery, which may have been prevented had conservative treatments been used early on.

Help with your personal injury case

In the event you do experience a serious injury and want to seek compensation from the responsible party, a medical assessment is a must. Your doctor will provide essential information on your injuries which could point to the actual cause. This information is indispensable during a personal injury case, as it will refute any claims being made to the contrary when it comes to fault and negligence.

Peace of mind

Even if your doctor agrees that your injuries are minor, having a medical exam is still the best option. That way you can rest assured that you are safe and healthy and will not be subject to worsening effects down the line.