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How can facial trauma from dog bites affect you?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | personal injury

North Carolina residents who have been through traumatic dog bite attacks will have a long recovery process to go through. Not only will a dog bite leave physical scarring that can be hard to ignore when it’s on your face, but it can leave mental scarring that you could be recovering from for years to come.

Mayo Clinic has a case study regarding facial trauma from dog bites. Facial trauma can come in many forms. Because the face has so much soft and delicate tissue, attacks to the area can result in heavy damage. For example, people have been blinded in dog bite attacks. Some have lost noses, ears, or lips due to their protrusion from the face. Punctures and deep scarring may also occur.

The location of a facial bite attack can be particularly problematic for a patient’s recovery, both physically and mentally. The face can be a difficult area to operate on and requires a very careful and precise touch if things like reconstructive surgery are needed. Heal time can take quite a while. A prosthetic may be required and they can be expensive.

As far as mental trauma goes, a person is forced to confront proof of their suffering any time they look at themselves in the mirror. Victims have at times had crises of identity after an accident, depending on how unrecognizable they find their own face.  Between the mental shock and anguish of being disfigured, along with the potential pain that can come from nerve damage and other injuries, many decide to seek compensation for their suffering.