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What are the risks of playing youth sports?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | personal injury

When your child plays sports in North Carolina, there are always the typical injury risks. However, injuries from playing youth sports go much deeper than sprains, strains and broken bones. These injuries could have a long-lasting effect on your child. It is essential as a parent that you understand the risks of youth sports that go beyond the standard injury possibilities.

Fox News explains that one of the biggest risk of injury comes from kids who specialize in a sport starting at an early age. This is becoming more common. Kids want to become very good at their chosen sport, so they focus all their energy on that sport. They play actively during the season and continue with practicing and conditioning during the off season.

The issue is that doing this takes a huge toll on the body. Your child is using the same muscles and body parts over and over to play this one sport. This can lead to stress and repetitive injuries in the muscles, bones, ligaments and joints.

It is much better to either take time off between seasons to allow your child to rest, or if your child must be playing a sport, to have him or her play a different sport that works other parts of the body. This can provide a well-rounded workout for the body that prevents stress in one area.

However, above all, you should not pressure your child to play a sport. This can lead to burnout where you child no longer wants to play. When you make a sport the singular focus for your child, it not only harms the body but also his or her mental health. So, lighten up a little and let you kid have fun with sports. This information is for education and is not legal advice.