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Don’t Settle Without A Lawyer

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Civil Litigation

In most every single case at least contacting an attorney to see if there is something more that can be done is very useful and informative. Unlike doctors, many attorneys offer free consultations regarding very important cases such as criminal charges, traffic tickets, personal injury, products liability and even in some instances estate planning, family law or divorce cases. It is very beneficial for someone who has a legal issue to talk with an attorney, even if the consultation costs a little money because the benefit far outweighs the costs.

What you will get out of a consultation? Hopefully you will get answers. Answers that you cannot find by googling or searches in web browsers or by talking to your friends.

I recently had someone come in regarding a separation from their former spouse. Unfortunately, she had both signed and created a separation agreement that her friend had used in her divorce. She did not consult with a lawyer prior to copying it and she did not consult with one after her former spouse began pushing for things that were clearly contrary to what would have been almost a guarantee for her in a normal case had she been represented by counsel. Needless to say, do not enter into contracts, settlements or things that have long-term and binding effects that cannot be easily undone without speaking to a lawyer first.

The consult may or may not be free but the advice you will receive will likely be invaluable and you can start to create a strategy and a long-term plan that may affect you and your family.