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The Unpaid Traffic Ticket & Driving While License Revoked

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Traffic Violations

Many individuals in this state and others face a misdemeanor offense of Driving While License Revoked (DWLR). Many client’s do not understand why they received this charge when they were stopped for a routine traffic violation or at a driver’s license check point. “Why is my driver’s license suspended?” is a question we are often asked after a client has received a DWLR. It is a very good question.

North Carolina may suspend your driving license for numerous reasons but the most common are because of unpaid or unresolved traffic citations/tickets and failure to appear on a court date. Many lawyers will tell client’s that they can just enter a PJC or a no operator’s license plea to handle the DWLR charge. However, this does not solve the issue and the client is left with a conviction on their record and no real means to get the license back, which should always be the goal.

Another common question is, “can’t i pay my traffic ticket and the suspension will be lifted on my license?” The answer is not always simple. Truthfully, each case is different because it involves multiple moving pieces. The clerk’s office, the offense charged, and if the failure to appear will be struck just by paying the citation. Often we find that a client will call and have a consultation and then choose to pay the ticket and have their license still be suspended. This is often because the Failure to Appear was never properly struck and as a result the North Carolina DMV still has the license in suspension.

Our approach is to assist the client in getting their license back and subsequently we can usually get the Driving While License Revoked charge dismissed by the district attorney.

Don’t hesitate to contact our office to see how we can help you get your Driving While License Revoked charge dismissed AND more importantly, get your license back.