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3 details to know if you are accused of embezzlement

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

If you are being accused of embezzlement, finding a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer is an essential initial step in your defense. Understanding the variables that affect your specific situation can help you make better decisions as you build your legal team.

Here are three questions to answer as you begin to build your defense.

Does your state impose specific penalties?

Each state will enforce your embezzlement charges based on its stipulations. For example, all embezzlement charges in North Carolina are felonies regardless of your accused embezzlement amount. The felony class of your charges depends on the embezzlement amount and dictates the severity of penalties.

Are you charged at the state and federal levels?

Your charges could be for embezzlement at both the state and federal levels depending on the situation. For example, your charges could also be at the federal level if accused of embezzling money from a federally insured bank.

Does your lawyer have both state and federal experience?

Suppose you are considering a lawyer with only state experience in criminal defense. In that case, you could be creating a weak point in your legal defense should you also need representation at a federal level. It is pivotal that you consider both the state and federal experience of the lawyers in your legal team

A guilty verdict could mean jail time, repaying stolen money and having a criminal record that can follow you for life. The more you understand your situation, the more you can contribute to your defense and decide on the type of legal experience you need as part of your defense.