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February 2019 Archives

Study finds opioids linked with some 2-car crashes

Drivers who caused deadly two-vehicle accidents in North Carolina and around the country were much more likely to test positive for opioid prescription painkillers than drivers who did not cause the crash, according to a study. The research was published in JAMA Network Open in February.

Why embezzlement is more frequent at small businesses

Embezzlement can rock a company to its core. Often, the largest sums of money stolen from companies are taken by those in positions of authority. When a company loses money at the hands of its leaders, not only are investors and board members affected but rank-and-file employees quickly lose faith in the company as well.

Drug trafficking convictions come with hefty sentences

The effect of a drug trafficking conviction can be particularly significant for people in North Carolina. It may not be immediately clear where the line is drawn between possession, distribution and trafficking charges. While some may think that people need to be involved in moving massive quantities of drugs or cross-border smuggling to face trafficking charges, this is not necessarily the case. Trafficking charges can relate to all types of controlled substances, from marijuana to synthetic cannabinoid products to MDMA, methamphetamine or cocaine.

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