Creating Estate Planning Tools For All Walks Of Life

Do You Want Your Loved Ones Fighting Over Your Property After You Die?

That just might happen if you don't have the proper estate planning documents in place. If doesn't matter if you own a big estate or possess a small family heirloom, you likely want to decide what happens to it after you die.

With a proper estate planning instrument, you can do just that.

Creating The Right Document For You

At Nielsen Legal, we can help create a wide variety of estate planning documents that will carry out your exact wishes. Our attorneys have diverse backgrounds, with many years of experience in the legal field, handling many types of matters for individuals in Asheville and surrounding areas in North Carolina.

Do You Need A Will?

A will is often a valuable tool that will spell out exactly how you want your property distributed and to whom. It also stipulates other provisions, including specific funeral or burial arrangements or dog or cat care, among others.

Do You Need A Trust?

A trust is another estate planning tool that can be extremely beneficial, particularly for those who want to set aside property or money for another individual or charitable organization.

In basic terms, as a grantor, you set aside assets and stipulate how you want them administered and by whom after you pass away.

Special needs trusts, charitable trusts, life insurance trusts — these are all a few common types.

Do You Want To Create A Power Of Attorney?

A power of attorney is another way to make sure your wishes are carried out in the event you die or can no longer make decisions on your own.

Through a power of attorney, you designate another individual to decide, for instance, medical or emergency health care decisions or how to handle your finances.

These are just a handful of legal documents that can spell out your exact wishes — but there are many other types.

Find out which one is right for you.

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