Defense Against Drug Offenses For Asheville And Nearby Areas

A Wide Range Of Penalties

There are serious consequences for possession of controlled substances under both North Carolina and federal law.

From marijuana to prescription drugs and methamphetamine, the penalties and consequences are severe and can range from drug classes and community service to serious jail time and long-term incarceration.

Choosing Nielsen Legal To Defend You

The attorneys at Nielsen Legal have many years of experience handling drug possession defense and other cases for individuals in Asheville and nearby areas.

Founding attorney Joshua D. Nielsen has been trying cases ranging from simple possession of marijuana and paraphernalia to felony trafficking cases. He knows the laws, procedures and defenses available and has what it takes to defend your charges.

North Carolina Drug Schedules

Our legal team often defends individuals charged with offenses relating to:

  • Schedule I drugs, including heroin, Ecstasy and opiates
  • Schedule II drugs, including cocaine, hydrocodone, oxycodone
  • Schedule III drugs, including anabolic steroids
  • Schedule IV drugs, including Xanax, Rohypnol
  • Schedule V drugs, including cough meds with codeine
  • Schedule VI drugs, including marijuana, hashish

The North Carolina offense charts can range from intermediate punishments such as community service to more severe punishments carrying years of an active sentence.

Our lawyers are often able to either successfully defend your case at trial or negotiate a plea arrangement that will save months if not years from your active sentence.

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